COVID-19 Information for Special Event Permit Holders Effective July 01, 2020; The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) will be accepting applications for Special Event Permits (SEP) for events of any size. However, The Provincial Health Officer (PHO) has made orders limiting the size of mass gatherings and events; SEP holders must abide by any PHO orders.

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Special Event Permits (SEP) are available to event hosts who wish to provide temporary or infrequent liquor service at events such as family gatherings, private functions, community festivals and manufacturer tastings.

A Special Event Permit permits the host to serve or sell liquor at an event in accordance with BC’s liquor laws and regulations. Event hosts are considered liquor permittees and are responsible for the safety of their guests.

All individuals hosting or serving liquor at an SEP event – including family events - are required to complete a Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training program.

Don’t have a certificate yet? You may still apply for an SEP however, you cannot host your event until the course has been completed. Please note, anyone that holds a valid SIR certification does not need to take the SES program.

For more information about Special Event Permits, visit the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch website.

For more information about Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training click here.

Donated Liquor at Charitable Events

Only charities and non-profit organizations hosting an event to raise funds for a charitable purpose may receive donated liquor from an agent or manufacturer. For more information on this process, please visit the Resources page on the Liquor Distribution Branch Wholesale Operations website.

Who needs an SEP?

In British Columbia, a Special Event Permit is required for any event host planning to:

  • Sell liquor at any location that is not licensed
  • Serve or sell liquor in a public space 

An SEP cannot be used to provide liquor sales or service for events at a private residence.


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Approved colored

Most SEP applications can be approved instantly.

All events over 500 guests require police and liquor inspector review. Some smaller events may require review from police and/or the LCRB’s licensing division.

Events that do not require police or LCRB approvals are approved instantly.

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